Mombasa politics

Over the past few weeks, there has been tesnion in Mombasa County, Kenya, as a result of the upcoming elections. In March 2017, while the president was in Mombasa, he held a rally. Prior to the rally, a parallel rally to be held by the Governor, Hassan Joho was cancelled. The country has been known to be an Orange Democratic Party (ODM) stronglhold and the ruling party, Jubilee, has been trying to gain popularity in the county. In the past, parties have tried to gain influence by handing out title deeds to residents in the coastal region.

Joho was also denied entry to a presidential launch of a ferry, a move seen to have been influenced by politics. During this time, there was also an exchange of words perceived to be negative between the two.

In the following weeks, Joho was accussed of lying about his education by faking his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). The move was seen to be an attempt to bar him from contesting for governship in Mombasa.

On 3rd April, shots were fired as Joho attended a political rally in Migori County. This was after Migori’s governor Okoth Obado raided the rally in a bid to disrupt it. Members of the oppositon claimed that shots were fired in order to assasinate Mombasa’s governor. The two governors subsequently made peace.


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