El-Sisi Meets with Trump

Egptian President, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, met with U.S president Donald Trump on 4th April 2017. He is the first African president to meet with the recently elected U.S president. He is also the first president to visit the U.S in eight years.

Egypt is one one of the largest receipients of foreign aid from the U.S. Both leaders have been accused of violating the rights of journalists with several having been jailed in Egypt.In the U.S, Trump has accused different media outlets of airing ‘fake news’. In addition, both presidents have been seen to have close ties with Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin.

It is unclear what the two leaders talked about but they have in the past collaborated on security, with both countries being affected by terrorism and trade. Following the visit, the U.S is expected to increase its support on counter-terrorism efforts in Egypt.

It is unclear what the two leaders talked about but the results wer believed to be positive. During the Obama administration there seemed to be a strain in U.S-Egypt relations. After this current visit, relations will be expected to return to ‘normalcy’. Trump tweeted this following the talks: